The Future of Plastic

Plastics are everywhere. In a given day, try and count how many times you use, or throw away a plastic. It could be grocery store bags, your lunch, or the growing mountain of water bottles in your room. According to, about one trillion single-use plastic bags are used every day, worldwide. That’s two million every minute. When it comes to the dangers of single-use plastics, a lot of people aren’t aware of how bad they really are. Most plastic starts out as fossil fuel and ends up as deadly waste in landfills. It sits there for 500 (or more) years, and even when they “biodegrade” they actually just break into smaller ‘micro-plastics’ which can be even more harmful. 

When each one of those plastic bags were made, it required letting toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, and into our oceans. This pollution is becoming more and more problematic, and we see its effects everywhere. About one in three leatherback sea turtles are found with plastic in their stomach. They don’t digest plastic. No one does. Along with this, coral reefs are disappearing. A new study based on four years of diving found that the biggest reefs in the world are heavily contaminated with plastic. Plastic clings to the coral, and whatever it clings to, it sickens or kills. 

Petroleum plastic bleeds into many other issues. Just last month micro-plastics were found in the furthest reaches of the arctic. They were also found to be in rain over the rocky mountains. This isn’t just an issue that affects the ocean. Plastic is everywhere, and this isn’t just a mild concern. This is an epidemic and the need for a solution is growing. 

At Neptune Plastics, we provide the solution. We’ve developed an all-organic, plant-based plastic that leaves no trace. Once it’s buried in the ground, it takes only five days to disappear! It dissolves rapidly in water, which means that the marine life that digests it will remain unaffected. This is the answer to plastic pollution. If the world switched from petroleum-based plastics to an organic, earth-friendly plastic, then the problem would be solved. There would still be residing plastics in our ocean, but all new plastics being used would leave no footprint on the environment. This isn’t an issue that takes years of debating, researching and arguing. The tech is here, and it just takes a simple switch to make a world of difference. That’s the Neptune vision.