The Ban of Plastic Straws

            This past summer of 2019 has been referred to as the “Summer of the Plastic-Straw Bans.”  This environmentalist movement became very popular among the masses, especially among teenagers and young adults.  They are the future and will shape our world going forward. Many restaurants and food institutions have begun offering alternatives to plastic straws or have stopped giving them out unless specifically requested.  Paper straws, reusable cups, and a sip-cup lid have entered the market, sparking many differences of options and opinions by users in the industry. 

            Banning plastic straws may just be the tip of the iceberg, but it is a huge start to a never-ending environmental cause.  This cause will last as long as we have people who care about our environment and maintaining the beauty of our planet.  We can all start to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  This ban may not be much, but it is enough to spur an onset of new ideas and topics of conversation regarding the sustainability of our economy and the efforts that we are putting forward for our earth’s benefit.

            Neptune Plastics has begun its efforts as well to make the world cleaner and more sustainable.  Our plastic is used in packaging in order to reduce the use of harmful single-use plastics.  Plastic is a major contributor to waste in our environment because of its “single-use” property.  Nobody owns a single-use telephone, backpack, or t-shirt.  As we remain accountable for our wasteful actions, Neptune Plastics provides a solution to our worries.  The plastic is completely biodegradable and will be gone when fully submerged in water within an hour.  Go Neptune, and be part of the solution to plastic pollution.