About Neptune Plastic

Our Neptune bio-based plastic packaging is derived from plant waste — something that would otherwise end up in a landfill. What we’ve created is considered marine biodegradable, meaning it biodegrades rapidly in oceans. We are defining a new standard: no industrial composting required, no microplastics left behind, and no layering with petroleum products. 

Neptune Plastic Features

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Plant-Based Plastic

Nearly all plastic in the world is a byproduct of fossil fuels, a well known contributor to climate change.

Neptune plastic is the solution to plastic pollution. Being 100% plant based, it easily biodegrades, as it’s made entirely from digestible ingredients. This also is beneficial for wildlife, as sea animals which are normally threatened by normal plastic, can be at ease with Neptune plastic!

No Microplastics

Regular plastic might seem harmless, but the ugly truth is that when left to waste away in landfills, they break down into tiny pieces of plastic called “microplastics”. Since they’re lightweight and and small, they can be carried by wind, water and other means, all over the world.

Neptune Plastics are 100% biodegradable, meaning that no microplastics are ever left behind.  Our plastic technology is sustainable, affordable, and safe for the environment.

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