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Our Mission:
Biodegradable Plastic

Our oceans are filling with plastic. Petroleum-based plastics can’t be broken down easily or quickly in a marine environment. They often accumulate in the stomachs of oceanic wildlife, or even suffocate them. We at Neptune Plastics believe that your single-use packaging doesn’t need to be indestructible. We’ve developed a plant-based biodegradable plastic. It’s technically edible, but that’s just to protect any wildlife that might mistake it for food.

Our Vision:
Education about Plastic Pollution

Misinformation is out there.  There are “biodegradable plastics” that take years to break down and will leave dangerous microplastics.  Neptune Plastics is the solution to plastic pollution because it is plant-based and will not leave anything harmful behind. We must educate consumers so that they can informed about the truths of plastic in the market. 

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This virtual 5k has nothing to do with running and everything to do with making a difference. We have some simple ways that you can do to save the earth such as recycling, minimize driving, and turning off the water in your house. Follow the link to sign up for our 5k and help clean up our planet!

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